Loving Solutions: Overcoming Barriers in Your Marriage

Author: Pastor Bob  //  Category: Christian Life & Ministry, Family & Marriage, Older Reviews


By Gary Chapman
Northfield Publishing, (1998). Hardcover, 214 pages.
ISBN: 1881273253

Gary Chapman has a spectacular ability to bring together Christian ethics, pastoral heart, and practical advice. As a basic guide for people in difficult situations, Chapman advises what he calls ‘reality living’, where a person takes responsibility for their own thoughts, feelings, and actions and intentionally lets go of four myths that keep people trapped in unhealthy patterns and feeling hopeless while accepting six key realities about life in this world.

The book goes on to illustrate what reality living looks like in ten different situations: The Irresponsible Spouse, The Workaholic Spouse, The Controlling Spouse, The Uncommunicative Spouse, The Verbally Abusive Spouse, and so on including questions of addictions, violence, mental health questions and infidelity.